Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birds and the bees....

Yep. You read the title right. Last week after I had the boys in bed, my girls came and sat at the dining room table. I was doing my homework but paused to tell them good night.

Kennedy hesitantly asked, "Mom. How does the baby get in your tummy? I know how it gets out but how does it get in there in the first place?"

I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer that I would give the right amount of information that wouldn't scar them for life. Lucky for me, I'd been preparing for this for quite some time. I think I did a pretty good job of explaining and not giving so much information that they were confused and grossed out. :)

We talked about dating and the progression of holding hands to hugging to kissing. And, then we talked about the right time and the right place with the right person. I know they must be hearing things at school and I was proud of them to have the courage to ask questions. I then had to make sure they knew that they were not allowed to take our conversation and go educate their friends at school. (I so do not want to get angry parent phone calls!) They also promised to ask me any future questions instead of trying to find them out elsewhere.

After they went to bed I had a small panic attack; not because I just had a sex talk with my daughters but because I realized they are truly growing up. I saw their futures flash before my eyes: first date, driving, getting's a little hard to take in. I'm a little needy and want them by me as long as possible.

Thank heavens we have forever because I NEED every moment I can get.


  1. I'm SO glad I'm done with those talks. I actually found that it always turned into a really good talk about morality. I wouldn't want to do it again, but occasionally I still get a few questions which lead to more talks on morality. Not really so bad in the end.

  2. Did that with Abby a while ago. It was scary but I think I am a little better prepared now for the next one. Lucky you...two for one! Half way done. And plus you can make Jake talk to the boys. Cool! You ARE done!

  3. I've given the "talk" several times now to the same two girls and when they have a little "seminar" at school they come back and say, "You didn't tell us any of this." And I thought I was pretty thorough with diagrams and everything. Apparently, I need to give the talk every couple of months so they don't forget!!! And now they want specifics, YIKES!! These kids are growing up too fast!

  4. I have a fantastic way to tell boys the birds and bees if you need one. Its called "the pocket"- this was the one my parents told my brothers. Its great, and I have heard many parents use it since!

    But I have nothing for girls- so when the time comes for me to talk to Lo, I'll be calling you to deliver me your message. crap.