Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catch up....

Ok. Sorry. I know it's been a few months. What can I say? Life happened. I finished my spring semester and quickly jumped into a Linguistics class for summer while working at our local summer school.

We had fun on the 4th of July. Kennedy even won a brand new bike in the raffle. She was other three were not so happy. They bounced back. (They didn't really have a choice...)

In the middle of all of that, my mother and her two sisters came to visit! We had a blast!!!! Grandma did what she does best and spoiled everyone rotten (including me!!!). It was so much fun having my aunts here. When I was growing up, all of my aunts and all of us cousins spent our summers together. It's awesome to see that personalities don't change. I had so much fun with them!

Porter turned 5 in August. We had a small impromptu party with his cousins. His request for birthday cake was chocolate frosting, lots of sprinkles, with a pic of a tractor. After the cake and ice cream, he and his siblings and cousins had a water balloon fight.

We also had the Schertz family reunion (my mother-in-laws side of the fam). The day was spent with food, swimming, food, visiting and food. My kids fell asleep early that night and slept in late the next morning. I think it was the 5 hours in the pool that did them in.

Porter and Fiona had a chance to play t-ball this summer too. They were both excited. Porter was roaring and ready to go until he ran out to the field (his team's first time out) and slid fell in the dirt. I think his pride was hurt more than anything. When his team came in to bat, he came running to where I was sitting. He wasn't going to go back out but Great-Grandma Carol in all of her wisdom gave Porter a dollar to go back out and play. He perked up and went right back to his team.

The summer is officially closing on us. My NAU classes start tomorrow :(. What keeps me going is knowing that I only have 2 semesters left and then I GRADUATE. Who'd have ever thought that I'd end up with a Master's?

On Tuesday, my kids get to meet their teachers and bring their supplies. Then Wednesday is their first day of school. Porter will be officially in Early Childhood, Fiona in 2nd grade and Ken in 4th. Gryffin will just be kickin it with me until Porter gets home at lunch.
Summer went way toooooooo fast. I actually enjoy having the kids home with me. But, they are ready to get back to school and see their friends. I guess they're tired of being put to work. :) So, sorry if it's another 4 months before I post again. I promise it's because I busy not lazy (well....maybe a little bit lazy...)

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