Monday, October 26, 2009


What do you get when you cross two mischevious boys & a featherbed topper? An entire room (and boys) covered in feathers.

They never cease to make me wonder about their thought process. First, they were in the spare bedroom in the basement - a room they weren't supposed to be in in the first place. Second, when they intially popped or ripped the topper, you would think that they would realize they had done something wrong. Third, why did it seem like a good idea to roll in and toss the feathers everywhere. Fourth, they came upstairs giggling and eager to find me and tell me what they had done.

Thinking it would be a punishment to make them clean up the mess, I swept the feathers in a big pile for them to put in a garbage bag. Immediately I realized this was not going to be a punishment. They were giggling at all of the feathers, and dancing as they took turns putting them in the bag. Sidenote: I was proud of them for remembering to say please and thank you as they took turns opening and holding the garbage bag. As they continued to get sillier and sillier, I had to pull out the big guns and threaten what I promised myself I would never threaten: "If you guys don't straighten up and stop making these messes, I will call Santa and tell him to keep your presents at the North Pole." This brought some somberness to their mood and I think they got the point.

Once they were done cleaning their part, I let them go upstairs to play. I told them to stay out of the (food) cupboards. Where was the first place they went? They are not quiet, even when they are trying to be quiet, they are not quiet. I heard them open the cupboard where there is some candy. Then I heard Porter "whisper" for Gryffin to hurry. So, I quietly crept up the stairs and stood in the living room waiting for them to see me. They both started to run to the bathroom and ran into me. With fists full of bubblegum the only thing they could think to say was, "What?"

I love them sooooo very much but seriously. I'm going gray here! I know for a fact Heavenly Father is getting some good laughing at my expense. :) I should have taken a picture but I was a bit upset at the mess.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life in general

Woohoo! I finished my killer 8 week class on Friday. I turned in my 10 pg paper at 11:20 pm. Probably could've written it a bit better but this professor kept giving us more books to read and discussions to write. Oh well, it's over now.

Today was our Primary program in church. The theme this year is "My Eternal Family". As a teacher in the primary, the songs and parts sometimes become commonplace and I miss out on their meaning. Today, as the kids sang, I got a bit choked up. One of my favorites is "The Family is of God". Some of the words are:

Our Father has a family. It’s me! It’s you, all others too:
we are His children. He sent each one of us to earth,
through birth, To live and learn here in fam’lies.

Chorus: God gave us families
to help us become what He wants us to be—
This is how He shares His love, for the fam’ly is of God.

I’ll love and serve my family and be A good example
to each fam’ly member. And when I am a mom or dad,
so glad, I’ll help my fam’ly remember:
(Then back to the chorus)

Of course, I still can't make it through "Families Can Be Together Forever" without getting a bit vaclempt. I want so much for these sweet little spirits, I just hope that they know how much we are all loving and pulling for them. The world is a pretty crappy place sometimes and as our Bishop said we need "to protect their innocence". They grow up so quickly.

The sweetest thing I saw today happened between Fiona and her cousin Brooklyn. They are fortunate enough to have Great-Grandma Carol as their primary teacher (and it's just the two girls in the class!). Midway through the primary program, they had said their part and the two of them were getting a bit tired of sitting there. Fiona laid her head on Grandma's shoulder and Grandma rubbed her back. A moment later, without really looking, Brooklyn scooted closer to Fiona laid her head on Fiona's shoulder and then Grandma rubbed her back too. If I had a camera (and it wouldn't have been totally inappropriate), I would have snapped a shot right there in church. Moments like these will mean so much more 10 years from now when the world starts to get to them. Knowing that you are loved, deep down inside, makes the choices a bit easier or, at the very least, more meaningful.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute giveaway

A friend of mine directed me to her friends blog. She has some really cute things and is doing a giveaway. Check it out.