Monday, January 26, 2009

Boys will be boys

I love to quietly watch my boys when they are playing. It's always interesting to see what they come up with. When Porter gets out his trucks, trains, cars and/or tractors, he systematically lines them up. Then yesterday afternoon, I came in my kitchen after laying Gryffin down for a nap and Porter had lined his big trucks and tractors on the back of my couch. Where do they come up with this.

Speaking of the antics of little boys....Gryffin loves to run and spin. He also has a bad habit of not paying attention to his surroundings. Wednesday night he kept spinning until he would get dizzy. Unfortunately, he was doing it by the kitchen table and wooden chairs. Kennedy tried to help him as his dizziness caught up with him but....smack! The middle of his forehead met the seat of a chair. The bump was instant as was the blue and purple. Jake took a picture of him last night. (...sidenote: Gryffin lets Daddy or even Aunt Jasmine take his picture but still not me...) His forehead is brown and yellow, with a ghastly ring of blue still lingering.

Boys will be boys...and will constantly worry their mother.

Something sweet...

Fiona has a new found love for canned whipped cream. At first she would ask to have it in a bowl. Then she asked for mom or dad to squirt it straight into her mouth. Now, if you listen really closely when Fiona gets home from school, you can hear the fridge open and some one clinking trying to find something. Things will get very quiet and then, "Pshoosh!!!!!!", as she squirts herself a mouthful. When caught, she just smiles with whipped cream where her teeth used to be.
It's a good giggle for me. I might have to join her in her obsession. Did you know there are only 15 calories in 2 tbsp? Here of some pics of her caught in the act.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No one likes a frowning face....

I don't know why it is, but Gryffin hates to have his picture taken. (...boy was he sent to the wrong house....his mom takes pictures every day...) Yesterday, I tried to take a picture of both of my boys sitting on the countertop...they were my helpers while I was making dinner. They were giggling and hugging each other so I thought I'd take the photo op. As soon as Gryffin saw the camera, he started screaming. The picture is blurry because I couldn't stop laughing.

So, you will notice in most pictures Gryffin is frowning, looking away or screaming "no!" at me. The only way I can get a semi-decent one is when he is doing something silly like sticking q-tips in his nose, or wearing red rain boots with nothing else but a smile.
(See picture below for visual explanation..)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My name is.....

Porter accomplished a major feat over Christmas break. He can now say his name. It sounds a little like "Pertor Hopmin" but it's good enough for us!
He still goes to speech every Tuesday and Thursday and is progressing so well.

6 Hoffmans, one cat and a fish...

We finally jumped on the "blog"wagon. I can't guarantee how much it will be updated, but I will do my best.

Things are crazy as always in this household. School has started up and so has dance, piano, and speech. My classes start this Thursday.

Amidst all of this, we are trying to remember to slow down and enjoy life.

Stay tuned....more to come....