Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farm Heritage Days

Saturday was the 3rd (I think) annual Farm Heritage Days in Gresham, Wisconsin. This day equals the excitement of Christmas for Porter. There is always a tractor parade, they throw candy, animals, and a drawing for model tractor (toys). My kids really lucked out at the tractor drawing this year; Kennedy, Fiona and Porter all won a tractor. Gryffin was a bit upset but when the other three said they would share he perked up. They are expensive - to be looked at and not played with tractors, so I convinced them to let me put them back in the box. (They will thank me later...) The bargain invloves me going and buying a tractor from Wal-mart. Thought I'd send some pics. I think Porter's favorite part of the day was being able to climb on all of the tractors.

Fiona and Kennedy by the animals - this is where Fiona spent her whole day

Porter watching the tractor parade and Gryffin checkin out the tractors

Porter test driving - the second picture cracks me up!
Gryffin, Porter and Cousin Dallin

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thought I'd do a quick update on how the family is doing...

At the end of August, I started my Master's program from NAU. The madness started right away. I had to register full-time to keep a scholarship. This is not that bad part. The bad part came in when I discovered that one of my classes is an 8 week course; the other two 16 weeks. Why is that bad you ask? An 8 week course is 16 weeks worth of work crammed into half of the time. Needless to say, things have gotten pretty interesting here.

To try and manage my time a little better, I've started waking up by 5:30 am. The theory being that I would get some quiet time to do some work. The boys have some mischievious intuition and have started waking by 6am. So much for quiet time.

The kids are doing fine in school and are finally adjusting to the schedule. I get to watch my 7 month (that's right isn't Shel?) nephew on Monday's and Friday's, and take Porter to speech on Tuesday's and Thursday's. This week we will throw the schedule a loop and start dance on Thursday. Things have been stressful (that's an extreme understatement....) but we've tried our best.

After family home evening yesterday, we had our family scripture study. Sometimes I wonder what the point is. Porter and Gryffin are usually giggling and rolling around while we're reading. Last night for whatever reason, Porter was listening intently and repeating phrases. This is amazing for 2 reasons, one - the fact that he paid attention to catch anything and two - that fact that he was putting the phrases together. This is his second year of speech and very rarely do I get an actual sentence.

My posts will probably be very sparse, but I will do my best. Until next time, have fun!