Friday, February 6, 2009

If cleanliness is next to Godliness what does that say about me?

My day consists of waking up at 6:30, getting the girls off to school. A couple days a week I add Porter into the mix and take him to school. Once home, the morning is spent doing regular cleaning chores so that when Gryffin lays down I can do my homework. I have gotten very discouraged lately as my extra time is becoming shorter and shorter (says the woman spending her free time blogging and not cleaning.....) with a full load of classes. By 6pm, you can no longer tell that any cleaning has been done. I wondered why does this happen day after day? I have good kids who do fairly well at cleaning after themselves. So out of curiosity, I took a picture at 11am after I was all done cleaning. Then, I took one at 3:45 when everyone was home.

When looking at the pictures, all I could think about was a poem my sister used to have hanging up. ( you still have this Lisa?) "Trying to clean while your children are growing is like trying to shovel while it's still snowing." Having moved to WI has given this poem even more meaning. Perhaps, there will be a time, when I can walk through the living room without puncturing my foot on a tractor. I'm sure when that time comes I will miss these memories.....right?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goldie, September 08- February 09, Rest in Peace

This morning, as Fiona and I were going to feed our fish, Goldie, we were shocked to find the fishbowl empty. From the first day we brought Goldie home, Doodles our cat, has jumped onto the countertop to bat around the fish and drink the water out of the bowl. I have sprayed her with a spray bottle, swatted her with newspaper, but at night I frequently hear her jump down from the countertop. Our only explaination for Goldie's disappearance, is that she currently resides in Doodles' belly.
As can be expected, Fiona was very upset. We made this discovery 30 minutes before time to leave for church. I held her while she cried and tried to explain to her that Doodles couldn't help it. I told her that Doodles likes fish as much ash she likes candy, or whipped cream in a can. She understood, a little, but still needed to cry. After a couple of minutes, she wiped her eyes and told me, "Mom, it's starting to get warmer outside and the fair will be coming soon. I will do my best to win another fish." (She won Goldie at last year's fair)
She then gave me a hug, stood up and walked into the kitchen where Doodles was sitting. She stood in front of Doodles only for a second. (I wondered if I was going to have to save Doodles' life...) She very sternly poked Doodles in the shoulder and said, "That was naughty! You don't eat my fish! I am very angry!!!...I still love you but I am very angry!"
So, Fiona is okay, but she is still a bit sad. She loves animal and all other creatures. In all the sadness for Goldie's death, Fiona made me giggle and smile at her ability to bounce back and her willingness to forgive. If only we could all have those abilities and take them with us throughout all our lives!